The J.A. Laraque Show - E5 - Origin PC with Hector Penton

August 1, 2018

In this episode J.A. sat down with Origin PC co-founder Hector Penton on his days at Alienware and starting Origin PC. From there the topic turned to gaming where we asked what game he would play if he was sent to hell and could only pick one. All in all it was a great interview with a lot of laughs and some good information to boot.


The J.A. Laraque Show - E4 - The NES & SNES with Luis Zena of Retro Gaming Life

July 27, 2018

For our latest show we tackled the NES from its beginnings, all the great games and accessories for it and much more. We are joined by our newest NES and SNES writer Luis and had OGS regulars Umar Khan and Edgar Median call in and share their experience with the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The J.A. Laraque Show - E3 - PC Building vs Buying

July 18, 2018

While not the raging debate it once was, there is still the conflict over building your own high-performance PC gaming machine or having it built for you. In our ongoing computer technology series, we stat down with a group of experts in the industry including, Chris Morley, chief technical officer for Maingear PC, Justin Melendez, co-founder of LanSlide PC and John Blain, consumer public relations for Dell/Alienware.


The J.A. Laraque Show - E2: Gamer Stories with Carrie Swidecki

July 2, 2018

J.A. is joined by Guinness World Record holder, Carrie Swidecki. Carrie tells us about some of her favorite gamer stories on her road to becoming a Just Dance campion. 


The J.A. Laraque Show - E1: Gamer History with Alex Agulia of Alienware

June 25, 2018

J.A. talks with Alex Agulia, founder of Alienware about the computer gaming market, retrogaming and more.