The Obsolete Gamer Show: Behind the scenes of Twin Galaxies Live with Xander Denke

September 12, 2018

Step inside a video game streaming channel, but not just any channel, Twin Galaxies Live. We talk with Xander Denke about what it is like running and hosting a web stream and the challenges of dealing with guests and the audience.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Rob McCallum (Nintendo Quest)

September 5, 2018

Director of Nintendo Quest, Rob McCallum talks with us about his film, the process of creating the film as well as classic gaming.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Aidan Price - East Asia Soft

August 27, 2018

We sat down with Aidan Price from East Asia Soft to talk about their game Lost Sea and about Aidan's gaming influences which included classic games such as the original Super Mario Bros. and Contra for the NES. Aidan also worked on a number of projects before his work as game designer on Lost Sea included Brink and Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers. Aidan comes to us from Hong Kong so we can add that stamp to our virtual passport of places we have visited on Gamer Profiles and he gave us some inside into how gamers and arcades are a bit different than in the States and his native U.K. so check out the interview and let us know what you think.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Jane Jensen - Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers

August 20, 2018

We’re heading back to New Orleans with the remastered remake of the 1993 classic, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. We go beyond the game trailer and talk with Jane Jensen about the recent release for iPad and Android tablets and what it was like bringing the Sierra hit to a new generation.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Nick Porsche - Death Before Dishonor

August 15, 2018

We view the launch trailer for Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor the beautifully designed game with gruesome combat where you play as a Lanista or gladiator manager in ancient Rome. Created by Dorado Games, this game visually stunning game plays from your browser, but we not the ones here to tell you about it. We were happy to have Nick Porsche from Dorado games coming all the way from Malta in Europe to tell us a little about the game.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Joshua Clausen - HAWKEN

August 13, 2018

We profile the Free-to-play Mech warfare game, HAWKEN sit down with producer, Joshua Clausen (or as he is known to the community CapnJosh) about the acquisition of the game by Reloaded games and the upcoming fixes, changes and improvements to the game.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Nick Clarkson - Merge Games

August 8, 2018

We talk with Nick Clarkson a true gamer who has not only played a large number of classic computer games, but was a pioneer with gaming magazines in the U.K. and worked with a number of great game creators before coming to Merge Games.  We also talked about his journeyman tour of gaming in the U.K as well as his gaming experiences before diving into Merge’s upcoming titles including Riot, Albedo, and Zombie Kill of the Week.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: John Mulkey - Retro Assault

July 30, 2018

We take a look at a retro inspired top-down shooter from Big Shiny Games that features all the weapon upgrades and combat action gamers expect from a Sci-Fi space shooter on their smart phone. We also talk with John Mulkey from Big Shiny Games on what to expect from this upcoming title.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Ray Willmott - Big Cake Games

July 25, 2018

We go across the pond to the U.K. Wales to be exact, where we talked with Ray Willmott of Big Cake Games on their game for PS4 and PC titled. Cold Horizon. This is the team that worked on the Metal Gear fan remake and we got a chance to talk about Ray’s gaming history, how he came to Big Cake Games and of course, what we can expect out of Cold Horizon.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia

July 20, 2018

We sit down with the team behind the upcoming documentary on the history of Atari, World 1-1. Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez are the creative minds behind the project and we talk about their Kickstarter campaign and all things retro gaming.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Inside Pro gaming with Joshua Laus

July 14, 2018

We see the articles and the streams and sometimes even the big time tournaments, but what is it like being a pro gamer? We wanted to learn more about the community around professional gaming and eSports so we asked one. Joshua Laus our eSports corespondent takes us through the world of pro gaming and believe me, it's a wild ride.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Carlos Cuesta Dolz - Arpic Games

July 4, 2018

Like zombies? Like blasting zombies? Like hipsters? Ok, well, two out of three aint bad. We head to Spain and we're talking Hipsters vs. Zombies with Carlos Cuesta Dolz of Arpic Games.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Christopher Bischoff - Stasis

July 3, 2018

We head to Johannesburg, South Africa to premiere the trailer of Stasis the sci-fi horror adventure game from independent developer, The Brotherhood and speak with co-creator, Christopher Bischoff about their creation.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Richie Knucklez

July 2, 2018

We talk with the King of the Arcade, Richie Knucklez. Fans of Retrogaming will know him from his gaming achievements, the documentary film, King of the Arcade and of course, Twin Galaxies. In our extended interview, we discuss his experiences running a successful arcade, being a retrogamer and his awesome collection of arcade cabinets.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Alexander Dergay, Aterdux Entertainment

July 1, 2018

We head to Belarus to talk with Alexander Dergay of Aterdux Entertainment about their game, Legends of Eisenwald.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Nick Smith - Forts

June 30, 2018

Ever wanted to knock over someone’s sand castle or play forts as a kid and wish it was real? We go Beyond the Game trailer of Forts the action/strategy game from EarthWork Games where you do just that. Build a fort in real time, arm it with advanced weapons and take out the enemy fort.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Rahul Sood

June 29, 2018

With eSports taking the world by storm with numbers that rival the World Series and the college football championship fans now have a new way to enjoy this brand new American pastime. In this episode of The Obsolete Gamer Show we chat with Rahul Sood, a true entrepreneur that founded the gaming PC Company Voodoo PC and created the first incubation fund for startups at Microsoft and eventually became the global head of Microsoft Ventures. His new company Unikrn gives fans of eSports a place to bet on top tier players and tournaments. As a fan of sports and fantasy leagues this intrigued me and I had a lot of questions and Mr. Sood was happy to answer them all. Unikrn sees their business as a way to get eSports the attention it deserves, rivaling other team based sports leagues like the NFL or NBA. It’s quite a goal and if successful could change the face of eSports the way companies such as Draft Kings has.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Eitan Glinert - 20XX

June 28, 2018

We go beyond the game trailer of 20XX, the Mega Man X style platformer with random levels, random power-ups, permanent death, oh and multiplayer too! We spoke with Eitan Glinert, president of Fire Hose Games about what players can expect from this Roguelike game.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: Carl “Perfect Legend” White

June 27, 2018

We talk with Carl "Perfect Legend" White, 3-Time EVO Champion and member of Team FNATIC about eSports, the life of a pro gamer and the all the haters that come along with it.


The Obsolete Gamer Show: William Volk - Playscreen

June 26, 2018

We talk with classic gaming legend and COO of Playscreen, William Volk and discuss the changing face of video games with the booming market of mobile gaming.