Geek Salad 16: What’s happened to video game companies?

January 14, 2019

We discussed the fall of some of our favorite video game companies, best gaming gifts, getting old and more.


Geek Salad 15: A very Geek Salad Christmas

December 24, 2018

We ring in the holiday season talking about the fire and fury over Fallout 76 and how much of it is justified. We also talk Elder Scrolls Online, The Outer Worlds, the table top game KeyForge, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield V and our favorite gaming related Christmas gifts.


Geek Salad 14: Is Fallout 76 worth it?

November 12, 2018

We’re talking Fallout 76 and if the recent bad press is justified or are people overreacting. We also discuss the pros and cons of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and if Battlefield 5 will pull players away. Finally, we go over the PR nightmare that was the Blizzcon announcement of Diablo Immortal.


Geek Salad 13: Black Ops 4 & Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Reviews

October 29, 2018

Randy's in the thick of it as he gives us his reviews and impressions on Call of Duty Black OPS 4 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey we even talk a little bit about World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth and our returning addiction.


Geek Salad 012: Gloomhaven, Dig or Die and the Sennheiser GSP 500

August 29, 2018

Randy reviews the huge 25lb board game, Gloomhaven. J.A. reviews the Terraria inspired video game, Dig or Die and the Sennheiser GSP 500 gaming headset.


Geek Salad 011: The Best and Worst of E3 2018

July 4, 2018

We break down what we liked and what we didn't like from E3 2018 from Fallout 76 to Battlefield 5.


Geek Salad 010: Jamey Stegmaier ( Stonemaier Games)

June 22, 2018

On our tenth episode we interview, Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier games about his passion for creating fun and engaging board games including Viticulture, Euphoria, Scythe, and Charterstone.


Geek Salad 009: Goodbye Toys R Us

June 21, 2018

We dedicate a special episode to saying goodbye to our beloved toy store, Toys R Us. We talk memories of going to the store as kids as well as the pro's and con's of Toys R Us during it's time and why it is closing its doors.


Geek Salad 008: Scythe, PAX EAST and the Accell Docking Station

June 20, 2018

On this episode we review the table top game, Scythe from Stonemaier Games and beg for Jamey Stegmaier to come on our show. We also open box the Accell usb 3.0 docking station and talk about Randy's upcoming trip to PAX East.


Geek Salad 007: Charterstone & Cancelled MMOs

June 18, 2018

We discuss the unique and fun tabletop game, Charterstone and J.A.'s love/hate relationship with shooting based MMORPG's. Finally we go through some cancelled MMOs and what led to their downfall.


Geek Salad 006: Tabletop Kickstarters, West of Loathing and Richard Garriott

June 17, 2018

Randy shows us some really interesting Tabletop related Kickstarters, J.A. reviews West of Loathing and we showcase, Richard Garriott in our Gamer Profile.


Geek Salad 005: Gencon Board game Breakdown

June 16, 2018

Randy breaks down some of his favorite board games showcased at Gencon. J.A. reviews West of Loathing.


Geek Salad 004: Video Games to Board Games and Vice Versa

June 15, 2018

J.A. reviews Star Crusade and Randy talking about video games made in to board games.


Geek Salad 003: E3 2017 Review

June 14, 2018

Before the latest E3 the Geek Salad crew gives their impressions on everything that came out of E3 2017, the good , the bad and the strange.


Geek Salad 002: Player Unknown Battlegrounds, LateShift, Rick & Morty and more

June 13, 2018

Randy breaks down Player Unknown Battlegrounds while J.A. gives his thoughts on the FMV game, Late Shift. This weeks board game reviews include Super Dungeon Explore and Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Box O' Fun.


Geek Salad 001: Mysterium, Terminator board game and NBA Sponsored E-Sports

June 12, 2018

Randy reviews the PC version of the board game Mysterium, we disucss the Terminator board game and J.A. marvels over the NBA sponsoring E-Sport teams.