You don’t get the show #36: 2018 Gaming Controversies

December 31, 2018

For our last episode of 2018 we recall some of the years biggest gaming controversies, from IGN and plagiarism to Ubisoft giving in to government censorship.


You don’t get the show #35: Jesus Pokemon vs Naked Demon

November 5, 2018

We talk about Steams new adult games and the interesting screening processed used to approve them and we discuss a Pokemon Go clone where you hurt for Catholic saints.


You don’t get the show #34: IGN vs. the Internet

August 22, 2018

We're back with three stories from the gaming world most just won't get. First up, is the Alt-Right trying to redicalize kids who play video games in popular outlets such as Roblox? As much as gamers get stereotyped for not having girlfriends we have a story of gamer, FaZe Censor dumping his model girlfriend to focus more on Call of Duty. Finally we dive into the expanding scandal surrounding IGN and it's editor, Filip Miucin plagiarism and the terrible move of channeling the internet.


You don’t get the Show #33: Fortnite is destroying America!

July 23, 2018

From MLB and NBA players admitting to Fortnite addiction to a kid who stays in his house while a hurricane destroys his town just to keep playing, we ask, is Fortnite destroying America?


You don’t get the show #32: Pokemon Go Dementia & Fortnite Stabbings

July 16, 2018

We're back with more weird stories from the gaming world including a women who set out to find rare Pokemon and found a dementia old man instead and two stories of "friends" stabbing each other over Fortnite.


You don’t get the show #31: Are Nazi taking over video game communities?

July 13, 2018

With yet again all the focus of gun violence being blamed on video games we look at toxic and hate-filled environments found within video game communities and the different between trash talking and hate speech. We also expose an article that claims Steam communities have a Nazi problem.


You don’t get the show #30: Video game violence, Trump and Beer

July 12, 2018

With the recent mass shooting tragedy the debate on whether video games are violent has reared its ugly head once again and even our president has gotten in on it. On our show we discuss violence in video games and why it is often used as an easy scapegoat.


You don’t get the show #29: Does Gamer outrage matter?

July 11, 2018

We discuss the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy and ask if gamers can real influence change.


You don’t get the show #28 We all need Video Game rehab

July 10, 2018

This episode we go over some of the warning signs video game rehab facilities say to watch for and quickly realize, according to them, we all need rehab. Randy also has a new rant about Star Wars Battlefront 2 micro-transactions.


You don’t get the show #27: They should have never gave you gamers money

July 9, 2018

Micro-transactions have been around for quite a while now, but in this episode we talk about some of the more terrible micro-transactions in the gaming industry. We also have a new segment to replace our, Clickbait Segment called, totally not a Clickbait segment where we take a look at the very odd game, Panty Party.


You don’t get the show #26: Christmas in July

July 8, 2018

With all the sales on games, toys and electronics this summer we decide to celebrate Christmas in July by looking over the top Christmas toys from the 80’s to today. From Transformers to the BeyBlades, we reminisce about our favorite toys, watch some weird toy commercials and try to remember why some of these toys were popular.


You don’t get the show #25: The Copyright Troll

July 7, 2018

Randy tells us about a new kind of Copyright Troll that has been targeting the YouTube pages of people displaying his game. We also cover how YouTube has become a bastion for people looking to report your channel for any reason. In our Clickbait segment, we discuss how Steam has been censoring Japanese adult games and J.A. s exposed to the wonderful world of Genital Jousting.


You don’t get the show #24: Video games are offensive

July 6, 2018

No we're not going SJW on you, but we do have a couple of games that do enter that realm of offensive. We look at Custards Revenge, Bonetown and Ethnic Cleansing. Oh and we have a game where you can decide whether to save Trump or not and sex girls unboxing a Commodore 64.


You dont get the show #23: We really don’t get Girl Gamers

July 5, 2018

By now girl gamers should be as normal as MOBA's and DLC in the world of gaming and yet still we have many misconceptions and straight up falsehoods about girl games. We tackle this subject with the intelligence and grace you can always expect from You Don't Get the Show.


You dont get the show #22: Why G2A Sucks.

July 4, 2018

We discuss the ongoing issues between G2A and Gearbox and take a look at their history and the damaged caused to gamers and game makers alike. We also talk Sims 4 sex mods in our clickbait segment.


You don’t get the show #21: I’ll game past 30 if I want to!

July 3, 2018

They call us man-children and say we need to "grow up". What is it about reaching the golden age of thirty that makes video gamers so repugnant to non-gamers? We take a look at what these people think and why their opinions don't matter.


You don’t get the show #20 Gamers have more and better sex, period!

July 2, 2018

This is not just a bunch of nerdy gamers wishful thinking. We have actual studies done over several years that prove that gamers have more and better sex, so watch this show then get to gaming and get laid!


You don’t get the show #19: PETA vs Games Workshop

July 1, 2018
We follow up on our story concerning PETA's objection to Warhammer having fur on some of its figurines. We also take a look at a ridiculous anti-pot PSA and preview the Metal Gear Solid based adult film.

You don’t get the show #18: PETA vs Warhammer 40k

June 30, 2018

We got PETA going after Warhammer 40K for using fur on their figurines (never mind all the humans that were killed) and a game developer writing their own positive reviews on Steam. We also premiere our new clickbait segment because we know how much you guys love that.


You don’t get the show #17: Stop hiding the sexy

June 29, 2018

You would think with VR hitting its stride most people would be using it for gaming and you would be wrong. The adult industry is reaping the benefits of VR so much so that companies like Naughty America have booths at E3 and CES. However, there has been some pushback and rules put in place to tuck them away, keep them out of the spotlight. We also discuss Capcom’s move to punish rage quitters and a man who stole over 4 million dollars from his company and spent a sizable amount in Game of war. Finally, if you happen to be surfing adult sites you might be surprised to know that one of the top searches is for Overwatch, blizzard must be proud.